About Me

***DISCLAIMER*** These are my thoughts, my opinions, my experiences, and my views. I have written them down using my words for your personal entertainment/enlightenment etc. Should you decide to share anything I have posted on this blog, please give me the credit I deserve. Also, if you decide to try out anything that I have written about, or suggested, you acknowledge that it is of your own free will, I assume no responsibility if it doesn’t work out as you planned. Thank you.***

That being said, I’m a 39 year old woman trapped in a 19 year old girls mind, and this 19 year old girls mind is trapped in the mind of a wise elder being. So, I’m an extremely conflicted person. I contradict everything, yet nothing. I have no direction in my life, I sort of just live it day by day and see what happens. Which isn’t much to be honest. I’ve never set a goal for myself, or set out to achieve something in my life even though I know it’s something I should have done, but the 19 year old in me is a bit of a know it all, ugh! teenagers right?
Now that I’ve filled you in on that, if you still haven’t left, welcome to my blog! I decided to create this blog for two reasons. The first being that I enjoy writing, especially about things I am fascinated with. The second, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you the things/ideas etc. that I am fascinated with. Such as talking about Tarot, Crystals, Manifestations, Spell work and oh so much more! If I can, I may even throw in some reviews on products that I think you may find interesting as well as some cool contests/giveaways! I know, it’s exciting and I can’t wait!

Keep it real folks,
Owl with a Wand